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Demonstration Experiments for Continuous Internet Services in case of a Large-scale Disaster

Overview of Activity

DNS is the name resolution method for the Internet. Historically, various technology innovations have been applied to DNS for the purpose of enhancing its reliability and fault-tolerance capabilities, one of which is the IP Anycast technology that enables geographical server distribution.

JPRS has been actively conducting research and development for the purpose of enhancing the reliability and fault-tolerance capabilities of its DNS, applying the IP Anycast technology. Evidently, JPRS has improved the reliability of ".jp" as a whole of the integrated DNS, by introducing the IP Anycast technology and distributing the DNS servers in multiple geographical locations.

In this research project, JPRS assumes the occurrences of large-scale disaster situations, which may cause a state of emergency and a specific regional network to be isolated from the Internet, losing connections to the root servers and/or Top-Level Domain (TLD) DNS servers. And under those circumstances, we shall not only lose the DNS resolution capability, but we shall also lose the availability of the Internet-based services within that specific regional network.

JPRS argues that providing the DNS resolution on a continuous basis will not only contribute to the enhancement of the DNS reliability, but it will also provide continuous availability of Internet-based services, even in a state of emergency.

In this research, JPRS has investigated and verified the continual operability of DNS resolution for ".jprs" domain name, under the condition that the ".jprs" DNS servers have been located in an ISP network, where JPRS network has been disconnected/separated from the Internet.

Organization of Activity

This activity is a joint research project with the following 8 ISPs and JPRS.

Organization Name Abbr. URL
Hokkaido Telecommunication Network Co., Inc. HOTnet
Tohoku Intelligent Telecommunication Co., Inc. TOHKnet
Hokuriku Telecommunication Network Co.,Inc. HTNet
K-Opticom Corporation K-OPT
Energia Communications,Inc. ENECOM
STNet, Inc. STNet
QTnet, Inc. QTnet
Okinawa Telecommunication Network Co., Inc. OTNet
Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd. JPRS

Publication List

DNS Summer Day 2017

Place: Chuo, Tokyo

Sponsorship: DNS Operators Group, Japan

Date: 28 Jun. 2017

Title: DNS and Regional Internet Services in Preparation for Disasters (Only available in Japanese)

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Place: Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Sponsorship: APRICOT

Date: 28 Feb. 2017

Title: TLD Anycast DNS servers to ISPs

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Place: Naha, Okinawa

Sponsorship: JApan Network Operators' Group

Date: 7 Jul. 2016

Title: Efforts to the continuous Internet service during a large-scale disaster (Only available in Japanese)

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8th CENTR R&D Workshop

Place: Brussels, Belgium

Sponsorship: CENTR

Date: 17 May 2016

Title: TLD labs - .jprs R&D Platform -